Remedial Programme (LRP)

LEARNigeria Remedial Programme (LRP) is a methodology that enables children acquire foundational literacy and numeracy skills. The methodology requires that learning starts at the “level” of the child. LRP focuses on basic reading and arithmetic skills, as these are essential building blocks required for better overall learning outcomes. LRP is an effective and low-cost strategy which helps children who are aged 7 and above ‘catch up’ with their learning in a short period of time.

This programme has three major pillars: Assessment, Grouping and Activity.

Does this approach work?

LEARNigeria Remedial Programme has been implemented in Northern and Southern Nigeria.

After 24 days of implementing this remedial programme in Kano, the share of children at beginner level (i.e. children unable to recognise syllables) dropped from 71% to 34% while the proportion of children competent at story level (an indicator of basic literacy) increased from zero to 7%. 

There were also significant learning improvements in Akwa-Ibom with a 27% drop in the share of beginner level children while the proportion of children at story level competence increased from 17% to 25%.

Do you want to partner with us?

The LEARNigeria Remedial Programme has proven to be markedly effective in closing the learning gaps of children. These significant jumps in learning levels will have a huge impact in the education sector if the programme is deployed at scale.
Are you an organisation or individual seeking to make a difference in the Nigerian education space? Then this is a perfect opportunity! We are willing to work with partners to scale this programme to improve learning outcomes for our children.
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