Our methodology

Our methodology involves tests development, survey design and sampling, building partnerships and embarking on various communication activities to strengthen citizen agency and policy advocacy in the education sector of Nigeria.

Process flow

Under this phase, we establish a technical panel to develop the survey, and test it to ensure usability.

  • Constitute technical panel
  • Select LGA in states based on agreed criteria
  • Outline sampling methodology
  • Develop first draft of survey booklet
  • First pretest survey booklet in rural and urban locations
  • Review survey booklet
  • Second pretest survey booklet in rural and urban locations
  • Community sensitization
  • Data processing

In this phase, we institute a test panel to develop drafts of the tests, run pretests to determine the efficiency of these tests, and analyse the test results.

  • Constitute test panels
  • Outline framework
  • Develop first draft
  • First pretest
  • First pretest review
  • Second pretest
  • Final pretest review
  • Data analysis and report writing.

During field survey, we engage our local volunteers who select households to survey and then carry out the survey. We also carry out monitoring and evaluation to ensure proper implementation.

  • Select local delivery partners in LGA
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Train volunteers and supervisors
  • Household listing
  • Household selection
  • Field survey implementation
  • Monitoring and process re-check

In this phase, we disseminate the results of our assessments, and use this results as evidence to drive change through stakeholder engagement.

  • Clean and analyse data from surveys and assessments
  • Prepare report in easy to understand formats
  • Disseminate report to relevant stakeholders
  • Leverage on the media to amplify report
  • Use the report as evidence to engage relevant stakeholders in order to drive change