We hosted the PAL Network family, in November, for the Test Development Workshop. The workshop was organised in a bid to standardise the network’s test development processes, from development to application, for the citizen-led assessment (CLA) in all member countries.

The test development experts were from Medición Independiente de Aprendizajes (Mexico), Jàngandoo (Senegal), Bɛɛkunko (Mali), ASER (Pakistan), Djangirde (Cameroon), Uwezo (Uganda), and Uwezo (Kenya). Other experts present were from TPC (Mozambique), SCALE (Ghana), ASER Centre (India), ASER (Nepal), and IID/BRAC (Bangladesh).

We went on a field trip to Shomolu local government, Lagos State, to test the instrument that had been developed at the workshop; the assessment was done for children in Primary 1- 3 classes, in 4 schools.

Author: learnigeria